Friday, January 29, 2010

Vineyard Logo Update

After an in-class critique on wednesday, I agreed that it would be a good idea to step back from this corkscrew idea for a respite. It's fresh, unique, and well...pretty cool. However, I am having a dastardly time incorporating the type with the corkscrew illustration. It feels like two type faces competing against each other. One idea was to give the impression of a handle attached to the corkscrew (see the next 3 below) hoping this might give it a sense of unity and spacial organization.

After working with the corkscrew idea ad nauseum, I decided to clear my head and try another direction all together (images 4&5).

I am pleased with where they are heading. They feel elegant, classy, sophisticated, modern, upscale, refined, and uncomplicated. Bottles are carefully set out in a subtle V pattern. The bottle necks give a subconscious impression of a city skyline. The rich plum color speaks of a fine red wine. Atmospheric perspective provides a sense of depth, thus, further alluding to the V shape. The strong, almost figurative, verticality of the bottles is balanced by the horizontal type. Generous tracking lends an open, spacious, airy quality like a vineyard.

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