Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rebranding Logo Development Project Brief

Company profile
The Vineyard Wine Market (VWM) is a quality boutique wine store and Tasting Room (V2 Wine Room) that offers a distinct selection of fine wines at commercial pricing. The V2 Wine Room offers weekly tastings of unique wines from around the world. VWM is passionate about the art of winemaking and its consumption offering customers a truly memorable wine experience. Opened in Februrary 2006 by Anthony and Joseph Alvarez, VWM is committed to educating customers about wine while giving them the best taylor-made service possible.

Market Position/Competition
VWM is a small boutique wine shop that is able to compete with grocery store chains, liquor stores, and other wine specialty stores by offering customers superior service and education in a beautiful, unique, "wine country" setting. Because VWM is located in a transient part of Atlanta, brand recognition and advertising can be difficult. Word-of-mouth and email are the best ways to reach new customers.

Target Market/Demographics
75% female, although large buyers tend to be male.
30 -55 age range.
Moderate income with some discretionary income.
Most customers live within 1-5 miles of the store.
Upwards of 40% of customers are educated about wine. This figure is somewhat substantial when considering people who purchase wine from grocery or liquor stores.

Communication Objectives
VWM requires a design that truly speaks to the values and desires of a trend-driven, sophisticated clientel. The objective is to design a logo that captures the essence of the unique "wine experience" in order to increase market appeal and set VWM apart from its competitors. The logo should communicate two seemingly contradictory sentiments; the traditional, time-honored art of fine wine and the approachable, unarrogant pleasure of contemporary wine consumption.

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