Sunday, August 30, 2009

Logos in Illustrator

Please click the image to view it in full size. These are my top ideas now drawn into Illustrator. As you will notice, these logos are rendered from my sketches shown in the previous posts. Most of them were traced by hand using the pen tool. The bottom center was created utilizing the rectangle and ellipse tool. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, Illustrator is starting to become a bit more amiable.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

But Wait, There's More Logo Sketches!

This one has nice potential. The bottom half reminds me of a car emblem.

Simple. Loose. Sort of figurative. Nice movement and flow.

This is a rework of one below. This time with a cube for the dot and more dimensionality.

This one is also a rework of one below. This time upright and much more attention to perspective (hence the diagonal guides).

I was particularly fond of this idea at first, now however, I am having second thoughts. Perhaps I can fiddle with it in Illustrator. I am concerned about it coming across as "jr."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Logo Sketches

I have spent the last several days sketching out ideas for a Jon Hart logo. Here are a few examples:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bad Logos

"Overt Me"

More like too close to that mountain. Closer would have been better for the P, O and C. And the drop shadow of the mountain... what?

Way too much. Oh, and pick a font!

For more bad logos check out:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great Logos

The Islands of Bahamas logo created by Duffy & Partners.

This logo was created based on a rough sketch of a map of the main islands. The shapes were transformed into organic "floral" shapes. I love the use of color representing the different destinations. The look is bright and clean and stands apart from the typical tropical paradise theme.

Williams Landscaping logo by The Bradford Lawton Design Group.

It takes a few seconds to see this clever logo. It also helps if you know that this is a landscaping company. It's a fun expression. I think it was a good idea to leave the dots for the i's out. The dots would have detracted from the grass appearance.

"A wordmark that can express the spirit of a brand beats a symbol most every day." - Tony Spaeth, Designer.

Atlantic Electric and Gas logo by Thomas Manss Design

The simplicity of this monogram of the letters A and E is clean and professional without looking cold and unfriendly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Collage of Texture (Wine Theme) 2009

This is a project I did for Two Dimensional Design class at Georgia State. The piece is an exploration of our visual understanding of texture, actual and implied. Implied meaning "texture created by the visual implications of objects represented in a 2 dimensional format." For example, not only do you get the sense of the actual texture of the soft wood corks, but an implied rough texture of the pile of strewn corks (bottom right). Another example could be the text on the wine bottle; in actuality, the text is very smooth, but it lends itself to texture through the shapes of the characters in positive and negative space.

I think this is a successful piece. I love the complementary colors of red and green. And who knew so many textures could be gathered together around a wine theme? Plus, this would look great in any kitchen!