Friday, January 15, 2010

Rebranding: Sizing Up the Competition

The business I have chosen for the rebranding project(s) is The Vineyard Wine Market. Here are some logos from the competition:

Interesting type choice. I'm not sure about the "e"s. The descender of the "y" is perhaps intended to be a wine glass stem and base.

It took me a minute to realize those were corks flanking the black wine market banner. This looks like a typical, owner-or-family-member-did-it-and-used-clip-art logo.

Not a great logo. The obvious bunch of grapes, bad drop shadow, unappealing color palette. It looks more like a sign for a fast food joint.

I like the grape symbol; it's modern, sophisticated and yet playful and fun. Maybe, it could have been made to look more like a "G" somehow. I think the type is a bit kitschy, more like a typeface that a "knick-knack and gifts" sort of store would use.

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