Monday, August 29, 2011

Public Service Announcement Posters

The above poster is intended for display inside airports, train stations, bus stations and other travel locations. The tag-line addresses the problem of bed bugs becoming more frequent and prone to spreading. The message is clear: don't let bed bugs travel home with you. The poster gives tips on how to avoid bed bugs when traveling. It could expand into an entire ad campaign where a giant bed bug is riding on a car, bus, train, etc.

This poster is intended for parents of young children. With childhood obesity on the rise, it's call to action is for parents to realize that it is their responsibility for their child's health and to take an active role in their well-being. Other ideas could expand to include the choice between junk food or a healthy snack (a donut or broccoli), video games or outside play, etc. Perhaps, it could show a progression of poor choices, later as a teenager and then an adult.

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  1. Was this poster actually used in the Let's Move! campaign?