Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 Projects

1. Killer Bee Cabernet Sauvignon - Package Design. The challenge with this piece was to create an elegant design that was consistent from wine label to outer gift box. I wanted to play on the theme of "Killer" and "Bee" without being ostentatious. Craftsmanship was an extremely important aspect of this project. I wanted it to look convincing and feel special.

2. WhipStitch Promotional Brochure. This project pertained to a subject, sewing, that challenged me to create a layout that was feminine, modern and beautiful. The goal was to show sewing as a lifestyle, not just a hobby. I wanted people to feel that WhipStitch was far more than a sewing/fabric supply shop, but a place that supported sewing as that lifestyle.

3. WafflePress - Illustrative Type. This was an incredibly fun project to work on. The biggest challenge with this project was to develop a concept that was fresh and original, in other words, that had not been done before. The type had to be clear and legible. The waffles possessed a grid which allowed the letter forms to look consistent and proportionate.

4. Kroger Package Design. By far the greatest challenge with this project was to design 3 seperate, individual, unique packages that somehow felt unified under the Kroger brand umbrella. I wanted each to have distinguishable features so that it felt like 3 separate brands, and yet they would be easily recognizable as a part of the new Kroger Identity.

5. Vineyard Wine Market - Identity. VWM was in need of a new, more refined, sophisticated look, one that was representative of their market position, that is a small boutique wine/gift shop that offered the time-honored tradition of fine wines, yet in an approachable, unpretentious manner. The challenge was to create an identity that captured the feeling that it is worth driving past the grocery store to purchase wines.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kroger - Naturally Preferred - Package Design

It made a lot of sense to allow the natural, unbleached cardboard material to be a prominent feature of the design in keeping with the organic, untampered-with sentiment of the pasta. I used the shape of the penne to create a playful pattern. This design element would work across multiple pasta types such as long, thin lines for spaghetti, or curved "c" shapes for elbow macaroni. The goal was a clean simple design with an elegant, earthy, sophisticated feel. I want consumers to feel that even an inexpensive store brand could satisfy the "wants" of their lifestyle.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Museum of Design Atlanta - Donate!

What's Great About You... Card

Users are encouraged to write something nice and encouraging on the card and give it to a spouse (flowers), a coworker (computer keyboard), or a friend (car window). Examples are shown below ranging from silly or trivial to genuine and uplifting.

MODA World AIDS Day Campaign

Again, building off of the push pin and the sewing needle, I want to highlight the concepts of Informing and Commemorating, which also draws interest to the exhibits currently at MODA.

The 3 pieces in the center are a mailer/postcard with all of the information about the exhibits and the itinerary for the event on December 1st. This is also designed to be a brochure to hand out during the event.

The candle lights are and outward and visible commemoration, as well as a way for the gallery to draw attention to the event.


Event Poster

Front of Mailer/Brochure


Back of Mailer/Brochure

What the gallery will look like at night with the candles.
Visitors will be encouraged to light a candle and/or write names on the bag.