Thursday, August 25, 2011

Self Promotional Ads

These ads are intended to sell myself to the company I interned with over the summer: Toolbox No. 9. Please check out some of the amazing work that they do at The concept with these promotional pieces was a lighthearted look at my "other skills" as a designer.

Early on, I was given kitchen duty for a week (no, they do not give menial tasks to interns just to be cruel. Kitchen duty rotates through the staff.) I must say that I thoroughly impressed them with my kitchen cleaning ability, so much so, that there was an ongoing joke that no one else would be able to measure up to it. Fortunately, they were happy with my design work as well. Hence, the bottle of cleaner that, "Powers through even the toughest web comps, banner ads, flash animations, splash graphics, and more!"

The Boston Terrier above is Thermos, the company security dog, who protects us from the UPS guy. Thermos loves to play fetch with her blue bone, and it so happens that I am also an excellent dog toy thrower. The background type is Thermos' stream of conscience in which she desperately misses me not being around to play fetch.

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