Thursday, September 23, 2010

Type Project: Wafflebet

Here is my first attempt at my Waffle Iron Type. It has actually worked out better that I could have imagined. I used Sculpey (the white things) to fill in and connect the gaps in the waffle squares. I had initial concerns about the Sculpey burning, or sticking to the waffle batter, or worse yet, sticking to the waffle iron and rendering it useless. None of that happened. In fact the Sculpey hardened (as it does) and was easily removable from the iron. Not only was it removable, but I am able to reposition the pieces (sort of like a letter press) to make new letterforms. As it turns out, the syrup is needed to create enough contrast in the letterforms (see last photo). I have at least 18 more letters to make and then photograph, but hey, it makes the house smell good.

(Previously posted Sept 9, 2010)

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