Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Concept Board for Small Business Magazine

Project Brief

Client: Small Business Opportunities Magazine

Project: Layout Redesign

Publication Subject Matter: Small Business Opportunities Magazine focuses on "money making ideas for entrepreneurs." Topics include starting a home business, franchising, investing in small business, marketing a company, raising capital, economic trends, management, setting goals, growing a small business, and government regulations. Small Business Opportunities is a monthly magazine available at news stands and is not affiliated with any particular organization.

Readership: Customers/readers may include, but are not limited to, entrepreneurs, at-home workers, small business owners, franchisees, college students/graduates, stay-at-home parents, freelancers, and internet entrepreneurs.

Other Publications: Fortune (white collar, professional), Business Week (corporate, professional), My Business Magazine (more relaxed, colorful), Small Business Resource (clean, simple).

Descriptions for Redesign: Fun, exciting, personal, organized, younger focus, yet professional, visually compelling, encouraging, unified.

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