Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perceived Design Trends (Week 3)

Large slab serif type, as well as type used as the primary focus of a design. Slabs are often used for short phrases meant to grab our attention. These are not always the most beautiful to look at. To me, they can be heavy and slow, but in moderation they can be used effectively.

Hand-drawn images and type. These are great because they often stand out better and can draw our attention better than a photograph. People will always be impressed by a great drawing. And hand written type can feel more personal.

One page web layout, as well as websites that are inspired by print or magazines. These websites can be difficult to look at. Much like magazine covers or content pages, every bit of information is crammed onto one page in fear that you will never find it elsewhere. It is a challenge for designers to make these pages look good with so much information.

(Previously posted Sept 12, 2010)

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