Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Print Advertisements

I tend to be taken in by advertisements that are simple with a clever way to get you to think about the product. The viewer has to make the connection between the image and how it relates to the product. The reason simplicity stands out is due to our ubiquitous inundation of visual stimuli and marketing clutter to the point where we find respite in these types of ads.

Ditto on this one. A bit more humor though. It seems to me that using humor in advertising has become very commonplace. I know it's nothing new, but its everywhere, with any product imaginable, including glass cleaner.

This guy could be eating a delicious sandwich in stead of standing there reading, and so could you! This one is pretty cool. The idea is to capture attention, make you think about the product, and ultimately buy it. I think this one does that... well, two out of the three anyway.

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