Monday, September 21, 2009

More Nice Ads

Copy for above says: "Our crackers don't taste like a mouthful of cardboard. Hmmm... wonder why?"
Notice the stark contrast of the colorful vegetables and grains against the solid white background. It drives home the point with the vegetables looking alive and natural in a world of insipid and over-processed crackers. Even the style of the text says, "there is something natural about this."

The model is Heidi Klum. The claim this ad makes is: Our designer phones are not just a fashion statement, but a part of who you are. And you want to be like Heidi Klum, right?

Another famous actor, Marcia Cross. What is clever about this add is not that "mom only wants the best for her kids" (not her kids by the way), but that they are all dressed in colors, including hair color, that make you think of apples.

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