Friday, April 13, 2012

Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor by Mason Jennings - Music Video

The concept came about when I saw these two remote controlled Robots, called Zibits, interacting. I thought, what if the two robots (sold as a pair at Toys 'R' Us) where separated? Would they search for each other? Would one come to the other's rescue? Thus begins the blue robot's search all over the city of Atlanta for his long lost companion, leaving the comforts of home and familiar toys and into the bustle of the city with psychedelic and freakish toys and unbathed Occupy Atlanta demonstrators.

The song by Mason Jennings just fit the quaint, heart-warming story perfectly.

Filmed in Marietta and Atlanta GA. Camera and Robot assistance by Andy Berry. Edited in Final Cut Pro; effects and graphics in After Effects.

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