Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wine Bottle Creative Brief

Killer Bee Wine
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Maipo Valley, Chile.

A medium to full bodied wine with a fine structure that supports black and red fruit flavors with notes of olive, chili and herbs that add complexity.

Wine bottle and gift package

The purpose of this project is redesign the logo, labels, and other design elements of the wine bottle as well as create a special edition gift box or package.

The overall look and feel of the wine bottle and packaging should appriciate the time-honored art of wine making, but with a clean, contemporary, sophisticated, and updated appearance. The theme of the logo and packaging could be derived from and/or suggest the name Killer Bee, but without being overstated and obvious. Killer Bee should be represented in a unique, subtle, possibly fun or humorous way.

Typography will be the most important graphical element, and therefore should be clear, consistent, visually strong, and well-organized.

The special gift box should be visually beautiful and well crafted. It should be in harmony with the design of the wine bottle. The wine bottle and the gift box should feel as if they belong together. The box will not only serve to house and protect the wine bottle, but will also be a unique selling point aimed at making the wine feel special and desirable.

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